The farm at The Bohemian Chemist at golden hour.

A Taste of the Trail

Embarking on The Cannabis Trail: Unveiling the Heart of California’s Cannabis Culture

Welcome, fellow cannabis enthusiasts, to The Cannabis Trail – a journey through the heart of California’s rich cannabis culture. The Cannabis Trail winds through northern California, offering a unique tapestry of landmarks that illuminate the history, cultivation, and cultural significance of cannabis. Starting from the vibrant streets of Oakland to the serene landscapes of Mendocino County and ending in the rugged hills of Humboldt, this curated Cannabis Trail adventure promises an immersive exploration of the plant’s journey from seed to consumption.

Each of the landmarks mentioned along The Cannabis Trail represents a historical moment in cannabis culture or a pioneer in the fight for legalization and compassionate access to the plant. As you travel The Cannabis Trail, each landmark will have a map as well as signs that tell the story of the people, places and benchmark moments of the California cannabis movement. Scan the QR codes found on each storytelling sign to dive deeper into the history of cannabis and the unique community in Northern California that spread its seeds and its stories. 

Oakland: Culture, Vibrance and Innovation

Root'd in the 510 in Oakland

We’re kicking off our voyage in Oakland, the welcoming gateway of The Cannabis Trail, a city pulsing with energy and innovation. In the heart of the Temescal neighborhood, Root’d in the 510 is welcoming with warm wood tones and a modern style. Social equity licensed and dedicated to community empowerment, this shop not only offers a wide selection of premium cannabis products but also has a consumption lounge with events to create more significant connections and relationships in the community using the cannabis experience. Find The Cannabis Trail landmark signs and scan the QR code to dive deeper into the story of this landmark representing equity, community and education.

Blunts & Moore stands tall as a restorative justice and social equity symbol (founder Tucky Blunt was targeted and arrested for selling cannabis during the War on Drugs in the early 2000s). Founded in 2018 as the very first equity-licensed cannabis shop in the world, Blunts & Moore actively demonstrates its commitment to cannabis access and representing the community by creating a safe, no-frills and comfortable environment. The Happy Lounge, the first legal outdoor consumption lounge in Oakland, offers a welcoming space for cannabis use and the enjoyment of food and beverages. With its location directly across from the Oakland Coliseum, it’s a perfect stop for pre or post party consumption on game nights or concert outings. As a Cultural Landmark on the Trail, Blunts + Moore takes us further into social equity, justice and Oakland culture, highlighting the intersection of representation and cannabis. 

Harborside store in Oakland - the OG wellness and medical dispensary that made the first legal weed sale in California.

Harborside, our final East Bay landmark, is an iconic institution deeply ingrained in Oakland’s cannabis history. As one of the oldest cannabis shops in the city and a trailblazer in cannabis wellness and consumer education, Harborside has played a pivotal role in shaping the local cannabis culture and cannabis normalization. It was also the site of the very first legal sale of recreational cannabis in California. It is one of the largest and most well-curated stores in the world. Explore its diverse offerings and bask in the legacy of this trailblazing landmark that honors the vision and work of Harborside visionaries and co-founders dress wedding and Steve DeAngelo.

Mendocino County: Cultivating Craftsmanship

Plantshop in Ukiah, Mendocino County

As we venture north into the Redwoods, Mendocino County unfolds with its landmarks, each contributing to the region’s reputation for craftsmanship and artisanal cultivation. LGBTQ+, BIPOC and women-owned, Plantshop in Ukiah emerges as a botanical sanctuary, showcasing outdoor, sun-grown, biodynamic flower, artisanal products, and an outdoor consumption lounge. This landmark honors the story of the back-to-the-land movement in Mendocino County which gave rise to The Emerald Triangle and the modern-day craft cannabis market known for terpene rich, top-shelf cannabis. Here, enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of cultivars. Lounge experiences include bands, DJs, yoga classes, guided art classes, dab takeovers, a cannabis beverage bar, farmer’s markets and demos. 

The Bohemian Chemist is a gorgeous dispensary in Philo - nestled in Mendocino County's Anderson Valley.

The Bohemian Chemist in Philo marks our next stop, symbolizing Mendocino’s commitment to innovation. This cannabis apothecary and lounge with a vintage vibe represents the intersection of science and artistry, where cannabis is crafted with precision and passion. Their in-house line of cannabis flower, pre-rolls, and concentrates comes from their generational Sugar Hill Farm, named after the founder’s mother who originally cultivated the farm. Delve into the chemistry behind the cultivars and delve into your experience (and contribute to cannabis science) by participating in their “E Effects” survey. This landmark honors the story of Landrace cultivars, rare cannabinoids, and the terroir and rich cultural cannabis heritage of Anderson Valley. Bonus: The shop and farm are LGBTQ+ owned.

Sol de Mendocino has an ocean view in beautiful Mendocino village.

Sol de Mendocino completes our trio of landmarks in Mendocino County, celebrating the region’s commitment to sustainable and sun-grown cannabis. Nestled in the heart of the charming village of Mendocino, this landmark with an ocean view offers a selection of premium products and is known for carrying some of the best local top-tier cannabis. This landmark honors the story of Pebbles Trippet, the pioneering woman who led the charge to take on the Supreme Court, litigate and change medical marijuana transport laws using her constitutional rights. Pebbles’s story is fascinating and worth spending some time with – scan the QR code on the landmark sign and learn all about ‘The Trippet Standard’ that created the legal right for patients to carry their medicine.

Humboldt: Where Legends Grow

Our trail reaches its hub in Humboldt County, a legendary region renowned for its pristine views and world-class cannabis cultivation, which started with the “Back to the Land” movement of the 1960s and 1970s. 

The Hemp Connection was a monumental store promoting hemp and sustainability in Garberville, Southern Humboldt County.

The first landmark honors The Hemp Connection history of downtown Garberville. The Hemp Connection, founded by sustainability pioneer Marie Mills, was the first hemp shop in the United States after cannabis prohibition, and served as an ongoing hub for sustainable practices, education and community engagement. Though it closed in 2022, the historic and important Hemp Connection history is remembered and celebrated at the Southern Humboldt Visitors Center alongside photos and remembrance. Stop by and visit this Cultural Landmark that celebrates hemp pioneer Marie Mills and the sustainability history of SoHum.

Huckleberry Hill Farm in Southern Humboldt County

Tucked away between Briceland and Whitethorn, Huckleberry Hill Farms, our next cultural landmark, is a testament to local farmers’ artistry and dedication. This landmark honors the resilience of the tight knit community of the Emerald Triangle’s small craft farmers who during the War on Drugs. During that time, Johnny Casali of Huckleberry Hill Farms was busted for illegal cannabis cultivation and spent the next 17 years of his life in and out of the federal court, prison, and probation systems. His story is like that of many others in his community who showed up to support his and many other families impacted by these unjust policies, and thankfully Johnny returned his farm so we can enjoy it today. Amidst rolling hills and sun-drenched fields, Huckleberry Hill Farms cultivates premium cultivars, contributing to Humboldt’s status as a global cannabis epicenter. Enrich your Emerald Triangle experience with an unforgettable visit to this legacy farm. Remember to book your tour at least a month in advance. 

Humboldt Cannabis Tours in Eureka led by Matt allows you to visit Humboldt farms, stores and lounges and learn about the culture and history of Humboldt.

Our journey reaches a pivotal point in Eureka at the Humboldt Cannabis Tours Depot, a gateway to immersive experiences. With several curated tours to choose from, visit featured cannabis farms while diving into the region’s history, cultivation techniques, and the vibrant community that has shaped Humboldt into a cannabis haven. The Humboldt Cannabis Tours Depot sets the stage for an enlightening expedition along The Cannabis Trail. They are also an excellent resource for cannabis-friendly hotels and keep an up-to-date local events calendar. This landmark honors the story of The Hippie Trail and the work of Legendary cannabis seed hunter Douglas Fir and the Father of CBD Lawrence Ringo, both pioneers whose ground-breaking work continues to influence the modern cannabis industry today.

The Cannabis Trail: Unveiling History and Culture

The Cannabis Trail weaves together the stories of these nine landmarks, creating a narrative that spans the diverse landscapes of Humboldt & Mendocino counties, Oakland and more. Beyond the lush fields and city streets, The Cannabis Trail reflects a plant’s resilience, innovation, and cultural significance that has woven itself into the fabric of California’s identity. The full trail spans nine counties and twenty points of interest and is constantly evolving, much like the story of cannabis in Northern California.

This trail is not just a physical journey but a celebration of the pioneers, artisans, and advocates who have transformed cannabis into a cultural phenomenon. Join us as we traverse The Cannabis Trail, connecting with the soul of California’s cannabis culture and uncovering the stories that have shaped this remarkable journey. Get ready to immerse yourself in a trailblazing adventure, where each landmark is a chapter in the ever-evolving cannabis saga in the Golden State. Before you begin your journey, be sure to peruse the Know Before You Go guide

The Cannabis Trail Map - Updated January 2024

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