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Each year The Cannabis Trail uplifts three important cannabis brands that are authentic and purpose-driven, and led by humans that come from the cannabis culture. For 2024, we are proud to shine a light on the Farm Cut, Native Humboldt, and Next Level Edibles. Here are their stories…

Farm Cut logo

Farm Cut

Farm Cut is a cooperative of 5 Sun and Earth Certified farms located in the heritage growing regions of California. Briceland Forest Farm and Whitethorn Valley Farm reside in Humboldt, Emerald Spirit Botanicals and Happy Day Farm are located in Mendocino County and Down Om Farm hails from Nevada County. All five farms cultivate cannabis using regenerative farming methods and cultivate food, other medicinal herbs as well as practicing land and animal stewardship.

Farm Cut is proud to offer a wide selection of high THC flower in addition to flower rich in minor cannabinoids such as THCV, CBG and CBD. Collectively, Farm Cut holds 3 Emerald Cup regenerative Farm Awards, 3 California State Fair Gold Medals, and over 10 additional awards from the Emerald Cup. You can find Farm Cut in over 30 retailers across California with locations in every major city in the state.

Learn more at: FarmCutCannabis.com

Native Grown / Native Humboldt Farms

Native Grown

Lindsey Renner is an enrolled member of the Round Valley Indian Tribes of Northern California. She is Wailaki, and her farm is located on land that belonged to her tribe before white incursion. Lindsey founded Native Humboldt Farms in 2016, and is fully integrated into the California recreational market. She is a 25 year cannabis advocate, and has been growing outdoor sungrown cannabis for 16 years. She uses natural and indigenous farming practices to grow craft cannabis, and she uses her brand to help spread awareness of the history of her tribe and Native American culture as a whole.

Vertical integration allows her the ease of pivoting to combat the volatile regulatory structure and market in California. She was one of the first 250 companies, one of the first ten women, and the first and only female enrolled tribal member of a Federally recognized tribe to be licensed in California. She is currently consulting with Tribal Nations to help write regulations to ensure the sustainable and successful roll out of a Sovereign Tribal cannabis market within in the US. She highly emphasizes regenerative cannabis and food agriculture.

Her mission is to help support a regenerative supply chain from Humboldt County to the Bay Area through her microbusiness Native Oakland. Her life’s purpose and passion is to help restoration efforts within Tribal communities, and she also sees cannabis as a catalyst to support the regeneration of Tribal communities throughout the nation. She is partnered with Cookies Enterprises on their Humboldt Grown Initiative, she is an instructor at Cookies U, and she is a Cannabis Ambassador for the California State Fair.

Learn more at: NativeHumboldtFarms.com

Next Level Edibles

Next Level Edibles

Brothers Anthony and Cartier Jenkins share a similar experience with depression and anxiety/PTSD. Anthony was diagnosed with depression and anxiety after hitting a low point during the 2007 recession and Cartier was diagnosed with depression and PTSD after returning from military duty overseas. When they were prescribed medications, both found that the artificially made products made them feel worse and did not provide therapeutic relief. Thus, they felt hopeless about their conditions, that is, until they discovered the healing benefits of cannabis.

Drawing from his interest in baking from a young age, Anthony began infusing his gourmet creations, providing a delicious (yes, absolutely drool worthy) and discreet way to medicate without the stigma of other cannabis vehicles such as a blunt. Cartier, on the other hand, became passionate about the cannabis cultivation/distribution process and entered the industry as a broker, gaining invaluable knowledge and expertise on the plant itself.

Thus, the origin of Next Level and their hand-crafted gourmet edibles infused with high quality cannabinoids and terpenes, and in the process, the birth of their infused coconut oil. Now, asides from their critically-acclaimed baked goods, their cannabis oil provides the home chef a way to create their own infused delicacies.

Learn more at: NextLevelEdibles.com

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