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Statement of Purpose

May this Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark serve to honor the life of cannabis pioneer Pebbles Trippet and her activism work in cannabis legalization, human rights, and social justice.

May it serve to remind us of values of the original cannabis legacy movement, a human rights movement grounded in compassion and patient access and the belief that all cannabis use is medical use. May this Cultural Landmark serve to remind us of our Constitutional Rights, and inspire us to use those Rights and drive forward positive change in the world.

May it be so.

45110 Main St, Mendocino, CA 95460

(707) 937-3123

This landmark honors the story of the Constitutional rights, Pebbles Trippet, activism and Sol de Mendocino.

The Cannabis Trail honors the life of legendary human rights and cannabis activist – Pebbles Trippet. In the course of her work Pebbles has been arrested ten times in five different counties, and served time in four. She is an pioneer of of the movement and respected elder of the cannabis community, and a constitutional rights expert and self-taught litigator.

Pebbles has dedicated her life to improving the world, fighting for social justice and human rights, including patient rights and cannabis access. As a young woman she studied under Dr. King. helping integrate the Tulsa Oklahoma lunchrooms. That experience was turning point in her life. Inspired by the hippie movement and progressive counter-culture movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s, she made her way to California and took up life as a daily activist.

Pebbles Trippet is the pioneering woman who led the charge to take on the Supreme Court, litigate and change medical marijuana transport laws using her constitutional rights. There is a cannabis law still in tact today called ‘The Trippet Standard’, named after Pebbles. The Trippet Standard created the legal right for patients to carry with them what they can legally possess, regarding cannabis medicine. On August 15th, 1997 in the People vs. Trippet the supreme court ruled that with consideration to Proposition 215: The Compassionate Use Act, a legal precedent was set and implicit right established regarding the transportation of medical cannabis. On that date, The Trippet Standard was forever embedded into law and is referenced today in court cases involving the transport of medical cannabis.

The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark

Location: Sol de Mendocino

Sol de Mendocino opened our doors as Love In It Cooperative in February 2011 on Lansing Street. We relocated to beautiful Main Street under the new name Sol de Mendocino in honor of our dedication to Sungrown, Organic and Local (SOL) cannabis. We pride ourselves in providing our community and its visitors with a wide variety of cannabis flowers (local indoor and sungrown), edibles and medibles, concentrates, topicals, tinctures and various other therapeutic and recreational products.

45110 Main St, Mendocino, CA 95460

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