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The Cannabis Trail: A Column Celebrating the Cannabis Legacy of Northern California

Where I grew up, pot was as common as drinking beer. It was and still is embedded in the culture. I am fourth generation northern Californian, and smoked my first joint when I was 13 years old. By the time I turned eighteen, I was traveling the world and studying abroad whenever possible. After earning my BA in International Studies at UC Irvine in 2002, I wandered. I became addicted to cultural discovery, it became a lifestyle… Read More



Are You A Fan Of The Napa Wine Road? Get Ready For The Northern California Cannabis Trail

A cannabis historian and tour operator is working on what he calls the Northern California Cannabis Trail. The 14-hour self guided tour would take you through the history and folklore of cannabis culture in California. Brian Applegarth says he decided to build the trail after he met medical marijuana pioneer Dennis Peron in 2015. Peron co-authored the 1996 medical marijuana legislation for the state of California. Peron is one of the people Applegarth wants to honor on the Cannabis Trail… Read More

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