The Cannabis Trail honors the pioneers, places, and moments that paved the way for legal cannabis access.


Northern California is where the battle for legalized cannabis was waged. It’s an important story of human rights, patient access, and compassion. The Cannabis Trail honors the pioneers, places and significant historical moments that paved the way for the legal cannabis access we have today.

The Cannabis Trail travels from Santa Cruz to Weaverville. It will exist as an iconic cultural and historical trail, and serve as a third pillar alongside the Marin Cheese Trail and the Napa Wine Road. The Cannabis Trail will draw travelers, history buffs, cultural connoisseurs and cannabis enthusiasts seeking a memorable, immersive experience.

The Pioneers of Pot Check-in Challenge

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Oakland Pride festival

Explore the Shared Roots of the Cannabis and LGBTQ+ Movements Along the Cannabis Trail

In the lush, scenic landscapes of Northern California lies a trail less trodden but rich in both cannabis culture and LGBTQ+ history. From the vibrant streets of the Bay Area to the tranquil beauty...
Mendo Summer Solstice Celebration at Plantshop in Ukiah - June 21st

Celebrating the Sun: A Summer Solstice Getaway to Mendocino County

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American Pot Story appears at the Mendocino Film Festival this summer

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Our Vision

As you travel The Cannabis Trail, you will visit historical and cultural sites and take in powerful artistic monuments that effectively storytell about the people, places and benchmark moments of the California cannabis movement.

Plan Your Trip Along the Trail

Get a taste of the Cannabis Trail with this 3 destination travel itinerary and experience cannabis culture and history as you explore the modern cannabis travel experience from the roots of Oakland to the places of source in Mendocino and Humboldt counties. 

A Taste of the Trail

The Cannabis Trail winds through northern California, offering a unique tapestry of landmarks that illuminate the history, cultivation, and cultural significance of cannabis. Starting from the vibrant streets of Oakland to the serene landscapes of Mendocino County and ending in the rugged hills of Humboldt, this curated Cannabis Trail adventure promises an immersive exploration of the plant’s journey from seed to consumption.

Visit the Landmarks

Landmarks along the Cannabis Trail are locations ready to receive visitors and offer a cannabis travel experience, while telling a story or honoring a pioneer in cannabis cultural history. Each landmark is a treasured partner along the trail – you can visit each one and learn as you go with signs and stories told on each landmark’s page.

Get Educated

Catch up on the luminaries’ stories and historical timeline of the California Cannabis Trail.

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