Do you know the origin story of 420? picture it: San Rafael, California, 1971. The air is thick with excitement and the scent of something, well, a little herbal. Enter The Waldos, a band of merry high school misfits with a knack for adventure and a love for, shall we say, botanical exploration.

These five student athlete tokers stumbled upon a rumor about an abandoned cannabis grow hidden somewhere in the coastal hills of Marin. With nothing but a vague description and a whole lot of determination, they embarked on a quest that would go down in stoner history.

Every day after practice, like clockwork, The Waldos would gather at 4:20, spark up, and set off on their wild goose chase for the elusive grow. It became their ritual, and 420 their secret code for a cannabis-fueled rendezvous.

Some of The Waldos and their family and friends just happened to be tight with the legendary Grateful Dead crew. Backstage shenanigans, puffing on joints, and tossing around the term “4:20” like confetti became the norm. And wouldn’t you know it, the Dead’s massive entourage took a liking to the phrase and spread it like wildfire as they toured the globe.

Fast forward to today. 4/20 has blossomed into a full-blown cannabis celebration, a high holiday if you will. It’s like the Black Friday of the cannabis world, with deals and discounts aplenty, and more fun than you can shake a joint at. 

So, as we gear up to celebrate another year of 4/20 along The Cannabis Trail, let’s raise a bud to The Waldos, the Grateful Dead, and the spirit of adventure that gave us this cannabis holiday.  

The Cannabis Trail celebrates 420 all week long with our best buds and favorite cultural events. 4/20 is an opportunity to uplift the brands, shops, lounges, and events that you want to support, and it’s a great time to give back to the legacy and equity communities who have given so much to normalizing the plant.

This 4/20, make it an adventure. Explore the events and happenings along The Cannabis Trail like these…  

The Bay Area - Oakland’s Equity Path and San Francisco Weed Week

Looking for something fun to do this 4/20 in the Bay? Try a trip along The Equity Path of Oakland’s Cannabis Trail! The Equity Path features the Equity-licensed and BIPOC owned cannabis shops, lounges, and brands of Oakland, while also spotlighting and sharing about cannabis history and culture.

The Equity Path along the Oakland Cannabis Trail

The Equity Path experience includes supporting some of Oakland’s equity shops and lounges,  interactive Cultural Landmarks installations and Effect Pairings that showcase some of the best cannabis-complimentary art, food, and nature experiences The Town has to offer. This 4/20, Choose Equity in Oakland – plan your itinerary with this guide

And across the Bay in San Francisco, the annual smokeout and festival in Golden Gate Park may be canceled, but the show goes on with SF Weed Week, curating a variety of events happening all around the city this week as we count down to 4/20. Lounges, shops, art galleries and more will come alive all week and into the weekend to celebrate the vibrant cannabis culture of the Bay Area. Check out the Weed Week schedule for educational opportunities, live music, lounge activations and more April 13th thru the 20th all over the City.

SF Weed Week 2024

Entering the Emerald Triangle: Mendocino Does 4/20 Right

Traveling north along the Trail, we find a variety of awesome events, shops and lounges, and fun experiences to explore! Each of our Cannabis Trail landmarks in Mendocino County is hosting 4/20 events, and you can ride the Skunk Train from Willits to a fun experience in the redwoods called Remember When for a good old fashioned community get down. Visit with the award-winning farms, artisan hash makers and world renowned breeders who grow some of the finest cannabis in the world. Plus amazing local vendors, a charity auction and a Led Zeppelin Tribute concert and you will definitely “Remember When” You Rode the 420 Skunk Train!

Plantshop in Ukiah is hosting a 1 Love 420 Party and Farmer’s Market with an incredible lineup of DJs, food, raffles, cannabis cocktails, door-busting deals and a fundraiser supporting Mendocino Cannabis Alliance. Meet, chat and smoke with your local farmers in their beautiful outdoor lounge — including Arcanna Flowers, Sunbright Gardens, Perrin Family Farms, Mendo Mystic, Mendocino Grasslands, Redwood Remedies, Garden Society and Himalaya. Mendocino’s community vibes and Plantshop’s delicious infused beverages are the perfect way to spend the high holiday.

Also worth a visit while exploring the beautiful Mendocino Coast is Sol de Mendocino. An adorable shop with an ocean view, our Cultural Landmark there honors the story of Pebbles Trippet. And if you’re heading through Mendocino’s wine country in Anderson Valley, be sure to stay at The Madrones and visit their gorgeous onsite dispensary The Bohemian Chemist, also a landmark on The Cannabis Trail. All these shops carry locally grown cannabis products made with love from the land.

Remember When Skunk Train 420
Plantshop 420 Party and Farmers Market in Ukiah

Behind the Redwood Curtain: Humboldt County Happenings

Deeper into redwood county, we’ll find plenty of authentic cannabis cultural experiences that are perfect for a fun 4/20 weekend. At the Mateel Center in Redway is a 420 Smoke Out & Community BBQ for all ages that highlights local farmers. Enjoy unique vendors, local barbecue, a legacy farmer cannabis showcase, and live performances by Army & Soulmedic, backed by The 7th Street Band. In collaboration with the Southern Humboldt Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center, the Legacy Farmers Showcase is an educational lounge providing a unique opportunity to meet Humboldt County’s legacy craft cannabis farmers, hear their stories, and discover their exceptional products.

420 Smokeout at the Mateel

Another immersive experience that’s perfect for the holiday weekend is booking a farm tour with Humboldt Cannabis Tours. Meet with Matt and the team at their Eureka tour depot and they can plan the perfect half or full day adventure exploring local farms. We recommend a visit to Huckleberry Hill Farm in Southern Humboldt – both the tour depot and Huckleberry Hill are landmarks on the Cannabis Trail with enlightening stories to tell about Humboldt history, and you’re likely to get to experience some old growth redwood forest magic along the way as well.

Huckleberry Hill Farm in Southern Humboldt County

However you choose to celebrate the cannabis high holiday, we hope you’ll support some of these amazing people along The Cannabis Trail, travel safely and honor the rich history of cannabis culture along the way. 

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