Area 101 – Roots of The Emerald Cup – Laytonville, CA

Statement of Purpose

May this Cultural Landmark serve to honor Area 101 as a historical community gathering place for cannabis legacy families.

May it honor the history of the 9.31 program and the public debates that happened here between the legacy cannabis community and law enforcement, debates that advanced cannabis legalization in California.

May this Cultural Landmark remind us of the roots of the Emerald Cup Cannabis Festival, and how that legacy festival, known as the ‘Academy Awards of Cannabis’, continues to serve as a vehicle of celebration, education, community, and culture.

May this Cultural Landmark serve to honor life’s work of pioneer Tim Blake, and remind us to always protect and celebrate the culture of cannabis, a culture rooted in freedom, love, and consciousness.

May it be so.

54895 US-101, Laytonville, CA 95454

This landmark honors the story of Area 101, Tim Blake and The Emerald Cup.

North of Laytonville, California, lies a beacon of cannabis culture and holistic wellness, Area 101. Founded by Tim Blake, a visionary in the cannabis industry, Area 101 is a hub for sustainable cannabis cultivation and the counterculture community of the north coast. Tim’s journey began in his teens when he embraced cannabis, not just as a plant but as a way of life. His passion led him to become a key figure in the cannabis legalization movement.

Area 101 is the birthplace of The Emerald Cup, the world’s most esteemed outdoor cannabis competition. At its inception, The Emerald Cup celebrated the art of organic, sun-grown cannabis cultivation. The Emerald Cup today draws over 25,000 attendees annually and fosters a community spirit among cannabis growers, vendors, musicians, and educators. This event is a testament to Tim’s commitment to honoring the plant in its purest form and advocating for a holistic approach to wellness and sustainability.

Beyond cannabis, Tim is a spiritual seeker and a curious mind delving into the mysteries of human existence and extraterrestrial phenomena. At the heart of Tim’s endeavors is his unwavering dedication to integrating cannabis, organic living, and spiritual awareness into a harmonious lifestyle, inspiring others to embrace a more conscious and connected way of life. Area 101 and The Emerald Cup stand as enduring symbols of this mission, a legacy of Tim Blake’s remarkable journey in the world of cannabis and beyond.

The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark

Location: Area 101

Area 101 is a historical gathering place of the cannabis community of Mendocino County. Near Laytonville, it was the original home of The Emerald Cup founded by Tim Blake. 

54895 US-101, Laytonville, CA 95454

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