Root’d in 510 – Education and Community – Oakland, CA

Statement of Purpose

May this Cultural Landmark remind us of the cannabis activism and human rights activism that is embedded in Oakland’s history.

May it uplift the spirit of continued equity, diversity, and inclusion in community and in business, and remind us that the Equity cannabis licenses of today are an effort of restorative justice, righting the wrongs from the war-on-drugs era where communities of color were targeted and negatively impacted.

May it highlight the nexus of education, knowledge, and activism to drive forward positive change, and honor all Oakland cannabis pioneers and visionaries including Oaksterdam University, an academic cannabis institution that was born and thrived in Oakland, fueling the cannabis legalization.

May it honor the Roots of Rootd in the 510 and the uplift the greater Oakland community and our cannabis heritage.

4444 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

(510) 488-1148

This landmark honors the story of education, equity and community in Oakland at Root’d in the 510.

Roots provide nourishment, provide strength and enable growth – all of which Root’d in the 510 aims to do in their local community. In 2018, Rickey McCullough was awarded a license to open a dispensary through Oakland’s Cannabis License Equity Program. This program was created to help compensate people who had been disproportionately punished under oppressive drug laws during the War on Drugs.

Rickey has been invovled in all aspects of cannabis for nearly two decades in Oakland. Holding multiple licenses from distro, delivery to retail, he has been very instrumental in guiding Oaklands equity program since inception. He had a vision for a community hub for events, activities, and good times. Root’d has deep roots in the local Oakland community and their goal is to create a cultural force for good, centered around the responsible enjoyment of the cannabis plant that brings us all together. The plant is a connective and unifying force for the East Bay and the world at large, and Root’d makes it accessible to the entire community.

Oakland has deep roots in cannabis activism, culture and education. Our landmark at Root’d honors this culture by supporting local and BIPOC owned brands, educating and guiding customers, and with their new lounge space in the works, by bringing the people together in celebration of the power of the plant and local arts and culture. Visit the beautiful and bright Root’d store and lounge in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, near Berkeley.

The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark

Location: Root'd In the 501

Located on Telegraph Ave in the heart of the Temescal neighborhood in North Oakland (bordering Berkeley), Root’d in the 510 is a beautiful state-of-the-art, conveniently located dispensary and lounge. Root’d features a wide selection of quality cannabis and the area’s best and brightest cannabis consultants.

4444 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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