Bohemian Chemist – Landrace Heirloom Cultivars – Philo, CA

Statement of Purpose

May this Cultural Landmark serve to remind us of the cannabis-related cultural heritage of Anderson Valley and the extraordinary plant intelligence that cannabis embodies and represents. An ancient medicine plant found in various places and cultures around the world, cannabis is capable of thriving in a wide range of diverse climates.

May it celebrate the evolutionary complexity of cannabis and honor landrace cultivars of the cannabis plant. May it remind us that cannabis was listed as a medicine in the 3rd edition of the United States Medical Pharmacopeia from 1851 to 1942, and in the early 1900’s, cannabis was widely available on pharmacy shelves throughout California and the greater United States.

May it honor the small batch multi-generational craft of this local legacy cannabis region and uplift the importance of terroir, appellation of origin, and footprints in the garden.

May it be so.

9000 Highway 128 Philo, CA 95466

(707) 895-2955

This landmark honors the story of Landrace cultivars, rare cannabinoids, the terroir and cultural cannabis heritage of Anderson Valley, at Sugarhill Farm and The Bohemian Chemist.

This dedication is a celebration of Rosemary ‘Sugar’ Roberts – a remarkable woman whose life’s work at Sugar Hill Farm has sown seeds of change, nurtured growth in others, and blossomed into a legacy that will continue to inspire generations to come.

 In the lush valleys of Anderson, amidst the vibrant hues of roses, magnolias, and peonies, stands a testament to resilience and passion – Sugar Hill Farm. This sanctuary of natural beauty and cannabis cultivation is the life’s work of Rosemary ‘Sugar’ Roberts, a true maverick in her field. Rosemary’s journey, from planting her first cannabis seeds in the 1980s to establishing a renowned legacy in medical cannabis, embodies a spirit of defiance and determination. Her story is not just about the cultivation of plants, but the nurturing of possibilities in a time when the odds were stacked against her.

Rosemary’s life began with humble roots in a Southern farming family. Her escape from adversity in her youth to the flourishing gardens of Sugar Hill Farm is a narrative of empowerment and courage. Her role as a trailblazer in the cannabis industry, particularly for women, resonates beyond the bounds of her farm. It’s a beacon of hope and inspiration, showing that age and gender are not barriers to making a significant impact.

Her legacy, now lovingly carried on by her son Jim, continues to thrive, reflecting Rosemary’s deep connection to the land and her pioneering spirit. The Bohemian Chemist, an herbal apothecary, is a tribute to her Southern roots and her unyielding commitment to the craft. Rosemary’s influence extends beyond the aromatic gardens and cannabis fields; it’s etched in the hearts of those who knew her and in the industry she helped shape.

The Cannabis Trail Cultural Landmark

Location: The Bohemian Chemist

The Bohemian Chemist was started by Jim Roberts and Brian Adkinson, partners in business and in life. It all began when Jim’s 90 year old mother Rosemary was ready to stop working in her cannabis garden, but wanted the garden itself to endure. So as new managers of the garden, Jim and Brian found themselves wondering how they could do California cannabis a little differently.

Cannabis has been a part of Anderson Valley for decades, and Jim and Brian wanted to honor that history by including products from legacy farmers in the shop and supporting policy that includes small, long-time farmers rather than prioritizing large companies who’ve recently jumped on the cannabis bandwagon. In the spirit of the most environmentally conscious state in the U.S., their cannabis is entirely sungrown, giving it a much smaller carbon footprint than its indoor counterparts.

The Madrones – 9000 Highway 128 Philo, CA 95466

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